Accessories and Options

ExamVision provides a range of products which complement and complete your loupes.

Loupes accessories

  • Jewels

    If total customisation is not enough, why not add a diamond? A 0.02 carat (1.7mm) diamond nestling in a sterling silver stud, handmade by a Danish jewellery designer to enhance your beautiful Icon frame. Also, rubies and sapphires are available.

    We perfect it. You personalise it.

  • Colour temple tips

    Non-latex anti-allergy temple tips. Available in different colours. Click here to see how to change the temple tips.

    Colour temple tips range Colour temple tips range Colour temple tips range Colour temple tips range
  • Loupe Case

    Elegant, durable protection for your loupe and accessories at work or in transit. 2 versions: loupe only and loupe+light.

    Loupe Case
  • Side-Shields

    Almost invisible, featherlight sideshields protect the eyes from splashes and debris. Disposable, in packs of three pairs.

  • Visionshield™: Protective screen, small or full face

    Protects the loupes and your face from splashes and dirt.
    (Easily attached to ExamVision loupes using a velcro adapter).

  • ExamVision Alcohol free disinfectant wipes

    Use ExamVision alcohol free disinfectant wipes for safe disinfection of your loupes and LED light. Available in tubs of 100 wipes – ask your local dealer.

  • ExamVision Custom Cleaning Solution

    Our custom cleaning solution will keep your loupes in perfect condition. Use a small amount on a microfibre lens cloth to safely remove dirt, dust and grease.

  • Nose pads

    Non-latex nose pads, available in black, clear or silicon.

  • Head cord

    Delicate yet durable cord for extra security when wearing the loupes.
    *Included in price when purchasing ExamVision loupes.

Lens Options

  • BlueLight Protection (BLP)

    BlueLight Protection is a revolution in safeguarding your eyes from harmful UV and Blue-Violet light. ExamVision can incorporate BlueLight Protection in your loupe lenses and oculars. It comes either as a coating, filter or embedded within the lenses.

    Effective protection keeps your eyes in better condition while offering more comfortable and relaxed vision. ExamVision recommends that loupe users who spend long periods in LED environments use BlueLight Protection.

    BlueLight Protection is an optional add-on.

  • Prisma Lens System™

    The Prisma Lens System™ allows you to sit up straighter and achieve a better working posture. The addition of a prism to our HD models refracts the image, so the object you are looking at appears higher than it really is.

    This can help if you suffer from neck or back pain while working.

    Ask your ExamVision dealer for a demonstration.

Light accessories

  • Focus™ Xtend Control Unit

    The Focus™ Xtend control unit is operated by pressing the front panel. This innovative and useful feature will help you to maintain a sterile environment. A short press will activate the unit, and further clicks will cycle the unit through low, medium and high settings (hands free). The working time of your battery varies with light intensity. The lowest setting gives up to 24 hours continuous use, and the highest approximately 6 hours. The Lithium Ion battery in the control unit can be replaced by ExamVision when it has reached the end of its natural life. Compatible with all Focus™ LED lights.

    Using video? The Focus™ Xtend allows for clear, flicker-free video. Click here for more details.

  • Connect system

    Slides smoothly on and off, and maintains the light in a stable manner. Can be locked into position.

  • Curing filter

    Fits to LED lights, to prevent curing of composites.

  • Cable clip

    A cable clip for clothes to keep the LED cable tidily out of the way.

    Cable clip
  • Cable adapter

    Clips the light cable to the loupe arm – for the Basic LED and Focus™ XP.
    * Included in price when purchasing lights.

  • Belt clip

    Belt clip, with ratchet rotation feature.

    Belt clip Belt clip Belt clip
  • Universal clip-on with connect

    Universal attachment system for use with ordinary glasses or loupes from other manufacturers. Also compatible with the ExamVision loupe range.

    Universal clip-on with connect Universal clip-on with connect
  • Headband

    Can be combined with all light sources.

  • Essential Control Unit

    Compatible with all Focus™ LED lights, the Essential control unit is a lightweight battery pack, with variable power output. Simple dial control. Lithium ion rechargeable battery. Perfect as an extra battery pack to ensure uninterrupted work.

    See the whole Essential range.